Pulau Redang, Redang island

27 Mar

Assalamualaikum (kalau jawab dapat pahala)… 😀

Redang Island..where is it located? and of coz in Malaysia which is at Terengganu.. seriously redang island is one of the most beautiful island that I have been..

view from my resort.

                    view from my resort.



so how? nice right? what  a great place for vacation and release stress..

and the main activity in here is snorkeling which is my favourite part..hehe.. for 3 days 2 night package, it included 3 different check point for snorkeling. where you can see beauty of inner part of ocean. SubahanaAllah.

So, due to this.. My housemate and I was planed to visit redang island and for me of coz the second time visit. But, unfortunately, we unable to do so. we are only student with students’ budget.

Nowadays the rate are too high and for sure due to this up coming April. I’m totally disappointed. On 2013, I’m able to went there for only rm280 but this time it reach up to rm400..uhh.. it ruin our plan..:(

so, things that I can do..just throw back the old time..sobsobsob ;'(

such a delicious food.

                       such a delicious food.



hopefully, one fine day I’m able to visit this place again 🙂


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